Support Astronomers

The AAT will no longer provide support astronomers for the majority of programs awarded time on the AAT. There are a small number of programs where we will continue to provide astronmical support. These are programs that have been awarded time through the OPTICON and NOAO time allocation committees, and time awarded to Japanese astronomers as part of the agreement between Subaru and AAL. These runs are marked in the schedule. The support will come from astronomers in the Austalian astronomical community.

For those programs where no support is provided, the Observatory strongly recommends that these runs inlcude an experienced AAT observer in the observing team. The observatory suggests pairing this observer with a student. Funding for students to travel to the AAT is available.

Become an AAT Support Astronomer

If you wish to become an AAT support astronomer, please contact the SSO Director.

Support astronomers are eployed as casual ANU staff and are paid at an houlry rate. If you do the support from site, the AAT will cover your travel and accommodation costs.

Prerequisites for becoming an AAT support astronomer are that you must

  • have used the instrument in the last two years, and
  • be able to process data from the instrument


  • have commissioned the instrument