2dF+AAOmega Manual

For astronomers using AAOmega, the 2dF+AAOmega Manual covers all aspects of an observing program. The guide is divided up into five major parts:

  1. Part I: Overview of 2dF and AAOmega: Information necessary to decide if AAOmega is suitable for a particular program and to prepare an observing proposal.
  2. Part II: Preparing for Observing: How to prepare for observing time awarded, whether in service or visitor mode.
  3. Part III: Observing with 2dF-AAOmega: How to observe and how to drive the instrument at the telescope or remote observing site.
  4. Part IV: Data Reduction using 2dfdr: An overview of the data reduction process using 2dfdr.
  5. Part V: Supplementary Information: Additional information for expert users.

Download the Manual

The manual is provided as a hyperlinked PDF suitable for printing or on-screen reading.

Latest version: 2dF-AAOmega-obs-manual-full.pdf