Proposal information

Please note that Veloce is a fixed format and is not configurable. There are no user options for resolution or wavelength coverage. Veloce will have high-resolution (R~80000) and will cover ~580 - 930nm. The choice to use (or not use) calibration fibres will not affect your observing effiency.

The most suitable photometric filters for working with Veloce will be r or i.

Prior to commissioning in Semester 2018A telescope proposals wishing to use Veloce will not have an exposure time calculator or any tested source to estimate exposure times. For now, it would be reasonable to plan for precise Doppler velocities (<5 m/s) for stars with i<12 with two consectuive exposures, each of ~15 min with a 2 minute overhead for readout and slewing. 15 minute exposures are recommended for precise Doppler velocities to help smooth out the velocity effects of short period stellar oscillations. Multiple exposures are recommended to help mitigate the effects of cosmic rays which are enhanced in deep depletion CCD Cameras such as Veloce will have.

If you are considering a proposal to use Veloce you are advised to discuss your science requirements with Duncan Wright <> to ensure your propsal is (safely) technically feasible for the predicted performance of Veloce.

More information will be available after commissioning, planned for semester 2018A.