Form for Visitors and Remote Observers

For astronomers, please inform us of your observing plans at least three weeks before your next observing run using the Visitor Form (Lens ccount required). Please fill out this form if you plan to do the observations

For all other visitors (e.g. engineers and technicians working on the telescopes), please inform us of the details of your visit using the Visitor Form (Lens account required). 

Team leaders of commissioning runs must ensure that all team members have filled out the form.

In the event of a Catastrophic Fire Danger, the site will be closed and all will be evacuated. In such circumstance, and in cases where the fire danger rating is severe or extreme and there is a bushfire threatening site, you will be asked to evacuate the site and head to the evacuation site in Coonabarabran. The evacuation point in Coonabarabran is the Coonabarabran Bowling Club located at 79 Edwards Street (near the Shell service station).   Please advise relevant site staff that you have evacuated the site. Additional information can be found in the business recovery document located in the common room of the new Lodge. If unsure, please speak to site staff.

Just returned from an observing run? Australian-based students may claim Travel and Accommodation support from the AAT.
European-based observers who qualify for support from OPTICON should submit their claims directly to the Access Office.

For further information on travelling to the Siding Spring Observatory, please read the following pages: