For astronomers using KOALA, the KOALA+AAOmega Manual covers all aspects of a KOALA program. The guide is divided up into four major parts:

  1. Part I: Overview of KOALA and AAOmega: Information necessary to decide if KOALA is suitable for a particular program and prepare an observing proposal
  2. Part II: Preparing for Observing: How to prepare for observing time awarded, whether in service or visitor mode.
  3. Part III: Observing with KOALA+AAOmega: How to operate the instrument at the telescope or remote observing site.
  4. Part IV: Data Reduction: An overview of the data reduction process using 2dfdr.

Astronomers with programs on KOALA are advised to download the manual and read the relevant parts throughout the life of their program.

Download the Manual

The manual is provided as a hyperlinked PDF suitable for printing or on-screen reading.

Version 1.2, 2 March 2018: KOALA-AAOmega-obs-manual.pdf




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