Lodging at Siding Spring

The new lodge is now available. Please use the Visitor Form (via your Lens account) to let us know your travel plans.

Accommodation Costs

Accommodation: $165 (incl. GST) per room. Includes a continental breakfast, dinnner, and night lunch. If you are staying seven or more nights, the cost is reduced to $148.50 (incl. GST) per night. If you wish your room to be cleaned during your stay, a $15 cleaning fee will apply.

If your accommodation costs are covered by the AAT, then the AAT will make the booking for you. Otherwise, you will need to make the booking using the ANUs accommodation booking system. In either case, you still need to fill out the Visitor form. Once you are booked in the AAT will send you a form where you can specify your meals. Meals will be kept in the fridges that are in the dining room of lodge, where you will also find a microwave and a dishwasher.

Small meals can be bought at the visitor centre.


Upon your Arrival at Siding Spring

If you plan to arrive on the mountain after 5pm, then please let us know. We'll provide you with the code to open the first boom gate.

After arriving at the summit, you'll probably want to first locate where you are staying. There is key safe at the visitor centre (see the attached map) that contains a card that gives you access to your room, and the dining room. Enter the number that you have been given, collect the card, and then make your way to the new lodge. If you loose your room card, there is a second key safe with a duplicate key opposite the lodge dining room.

There will be a second boom gate that you'll need to first open before you get to the lodge. Use the card that you just received from the key safe. Aternateively, use the keypad. The code is the same as the first boom gate. There is a car park out the front of the new lodge. You can park your car there.

Make your way to the dining room first and fill in the sign-in sheet. Add your name and mobile number. We use the number in case of a fire emergency and have to evacuate the mountain. Your meals will be in the fridge in the dining room.

Once you have found your room and settled in, you'll probably want to make contact with AAT staff. Head over to the AAT building, enter through the first set of glass doors and use the phone to contact the control room. An AAT staff member will take you to the 1st floor, where you will be shown where your desk is. There, you will find a flash light, a AAT card to enter the AAT, and a letter from the AAT with additional information. One of the staff members will give you a tour and a safety induction when you arrive.

At the end of the run, please return your AAT card, and sign out using the sign-out sheet.  You can leave the lodge card in your room as you leave or deposit in the box that is located in the dining room.