Visitor Instruments at the AAT

If you would like to bring an instrument to the AAT, you MUST read the Guidelines for Visitor Instruments.

All applications to use a visitor instrument on the AAT must request written permission from the AAO Director beforehand, regardless of whether the visitor instrument has been used at the AAT previously.

The following visiting instruments have previously been used on the AAT. Permission to use these instruments must be sought from the instrument owners (contact addresses are provided) who may, or may not, require collaboration.

  • HIPPI2 - HIgh Precision Polarimetric Instrument

Jeremy Bailey (, University of New South Wales

  • Portable High-speed Occultation Telescope (PHOT) camera

Eliot Young (, Southwest Research Institute

Previous Insruments - Now decommissioned

  • Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral Field Spectrograph (SAMI)

Scott Croom (, University of Sydney,

or Jon Lawrence (, AAO.

  • Semel Polarimeter for UCLES

Stephen Marsden (, University of South Queensland

  • CIRPASS - The Cambridge IR PAnoramic Survey Spectrograph

Ian Parry (, University of Cambridge