Remote Observing from AAT remote observing stations

Remote Observing

The AAT allows remote observing from five remote observing at stations: AAO-MQ (North Ryde), RSAA (Canberrra), Swinburne (Melbourne), ICRAR (Perth) and UNSW (Sydney). Remote observing is restricted to suitably experienced observers. If you have not used the instrument that you are scheduled for in the last two years (either remotely or from site), then we require you to do the observations from site.

If you so wish, observations can be done simultaneously from site and the remote observing stations at AAO-MQ, ICRAR, Swinburne, and RSAA.

In all cases, irrespective of which remote observing station you use, please fill out the Visitor Form to notify us of your intentions.

All astronomers working from remote stations must make contact with site at 3pm (4pm during daylight saving).

Setting up a New Remote Observing Station

Remote observing stations are restricted to be located within organisations that contribute directly to funding AAT operations. Requests for stations outside these organisations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to set up a remote obsering station at your institute, contact the SSO Director.

Remote Observing from North Ryde

Upon arrival at the North Ryde offices, please proceed to security to pick up your building access badge, and if working alone, a lone worker protection badge. If required, please arrange a time to meet your support astronomer on the day you start observing, so that they will know at what time to expect you. The support astronomer will show you the location of the remote control room and other amenities in North Ryde.

Lone Worker Protection System

AAO-MQ has implemented a lone worker protection system for remote observers who are working alone at night in the North Ryde Building. On your arrival to the North Ryde Building, pick up a worker protection system tag from security. This is in addition to your access pass. Select one of the tags labelled "Astronomer".

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