KOALA Observing

Astronomers who have been awarded observing time with KOALA should read "Part II: Preparing for Observing" of the of the KOALA+AAOmega Manual. This section describes everything that must be done in advance of an observing run on the AAT with KOALA, such as preparing finder charts, preparing a detailed observing plan as well as more practical matters such as travel and accomodation at the telescope or at the remote observing site. 

For astronomers with visitor mode observing time, KOALA can be used at the AAT or fully remotely from one of several remote observing stations. KOALA users should read "Part III: Observing with KOALA+AAOmega" of the KOALA+AAOmega Manual as they will be expected to operate the instrument independently.

A log sheet is available to keep track of your observations at the telescope.