Taurus II

AAT Instrument. Taurus II is a decommissioned instrument and is no longer offered or supported at the AAT. The following information is provided for historical completeness.

In Brief Taurus is a highly flexible imaging Fabry-Perot interferometer which has several different modes of operation. These include conventional wide field imaging, 3D spectral line mapping, the Faint Object Polarimeter, low resolution long slit and multi-slit spectroscopy, and the Taurus Tunable Filter.
Instrument Scientist No Instrument Scientist at present. Contact Head of Astronomy for information.
Manual Online manuals are now available for the following modes of Taurus operation:
Taurus Tunable Filter - narrow band imaging
Taurus ++ - low dispersion multi-slit spectrsocopy
Taurus Polarimetry Imaging polarimetry
Other Info Taurus Homepage contains more general information on Taurus
Detector Tek 1K, MITLL 2Kx4K
Focal Station Mounted at Cassegrain f/8 or f/15
Spectral Resolution* There exists a wide range of visiting and in-house etalons that we have access to.
Wavelength Coverage 3700Å - 1 micron
*Spectral Resolution R measured as lambda/delta_lambda, delta_lambda = FWHM unresolved line, usually 2 pixels.

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