2dF Spectrograph

AAT Instrument. The original 2dF (with two spectrographs mounted on the top end ring) is a decommissioned facility and is no longer offered or supported at the AAT.

For information on current use of 2dF, please refer to the AAOmega web pages. The following information is provided for historical completeness only.

In Brief The 2dF is designed to allow the acqusition of up to 400 simultaneous spectra of objects anywhere within a two degree field on the sky.
Instrument Scientist No Instrument Scientist at present. Contact Head of Astronomy for information.
Manual On-line manual
Other info 2dF home page
Latest version of configure
S/N Calculator
Dectector 2xTEK 1024x1024 CCDs
Focal Station Prime Focus
Spectral Resolution * R=450-2500 (At B)
Fibre Diameter 140mm -> 2.1 arcsec
Gratings Diffraction gratings
Sensitivities S/N calculator

For further information please email webmaster@aao.gov.au